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Tehnilised parameetrid
Veokasti pikkus    3,25 m
Veokasti laius    1,5 m
Poordi kõrgus    0,4 m
Täismass    750 kg
Kandevõime    488 kg
Tühimass    262 kg
Kallutatav    Jah
– Plastikkate Jaxal, kõrgus 1m
– Tugiratas Ø48mm, 150kg (koos klambriga)

Haagise rendihind on vaid 10eur/ööpäevas!

Küsi eripakkumist kui soovid rentide 7+ päeva

Bosch akutrellide komplekt

Bosch GSR 18V-21
Professional is a long-lasting tool for both professional and domestic use thanks to its powerful engine and 18 V voltage. Thanks to its sturdy frame, the device is also ideal for the construction site. In addition to the supplied batteries, the device also comes with an optional accessory, including a very convenient compact battery. The device's Soft Grip coating in the handle improves comfort and ergonomics and helps to last longer. With two-speed gearbox and 20 + 1-zone torque control, the power of the device is easily adjusted to suit your specific task.

Torque: (soft / hard) 21/55 Nm

Idle speed (1st gear / 2nd gear): 0 - 480/0 - 1.800 rpm

Battery type: Lithium ion Seat opening, min / max: 1.5 / 13 mm

Battery voltage: 18 V

Weight without battery: 1.2 kg

Torque range: 20 + 1

Bosch GDX 18V
The 180 Nm twist provided by the powerful engine of the Bosch GDX 18V-180 Impact Wrench makes it easy to perform even the most challenging tasks. The device's multi-step torque selector also ensures that you get the right torque for every situation and also avoid over-tightening. The Soft Grip coating improves comfort. The tool holder of the device is very versatile and allows both 1/2 "square base and 1/4" Allen cap.

Idle speed 0-2.800 rpm

Weight without battery 1.1 kg

Torque up to 180 Nm

Score 0-3.600 min-1

Battery voltage 18 V

Tool holder 1/4 "inner section and 1/2" outer edge

Tool dimensions (length) 171 mm

Tool dimensions (height) 234 mm

Package dimensions (width x length x height) 360 x 440 x 155 mm

Battery capacity 2 Ah

Weight with batteries 1.4 kg

 Screw Ø M 6 - M 14

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